Unit 1, intro – Back to basics

Hello to all, as a bit of an introduction I would like to share my learning in the wonderful and fulfilling topics in mathematics, so here is lesson 1

Ok – so the best place to start I think are for the absolute basics.. I know – most of you will think this a little patronizing but in all seriousness, most people I meet have a fear that maths is over complicated, but I think this really stems up from people missing the core basic knowledge. My teaching point is really to start from routes and build up from having a better understanding of what we all think that we know.

So first I will push this elementary unit 1 of the complete basics of the fundamental operators, and of course an introduction of the simple numbers – stick with this though because it really does underpin the entire framework of everything that higher maths entails. I don’t think it realistic for anyone to understand even basic algebra if these core points are misunderstood. so here for lesson 1

Lesson 1, Unit 1 – Addition


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